"A piece of the sky fell and cracked my soul in half."
"I am very homesick. I repeat, I am very homesick. This is the worst memory of my childhood."

Watch six quirky-clowny creatures bring dead letters to life; letters that may have been lost at sea, burned by deviants, never sent, only dreamed about or ripped apart – all with one thing in common: they never reached their intended.

With a mix of surreal physical theatre and realistic revelations of humanity you are sure to revel in this journey throughout history witnessing untold stories, heartfelt messages and ridiculous complaints. A metaphor for the collective unconscious of society.

Starring: Gwen Albers, Mischa Ipp, Edan Jacob Levy, Gina Marie Nuzzo, Ron Tsur, Heloise Wilson
Written and Directed by: Heloise Wilson
Devisers: Métushalème Dary, Mischa Ipp, Ron Tsur, Maya Shoef, Meggy Hai Trang, Rebecca Beberaggi, Gwen Albers, Edan Jacob Levy, Gina Nuzzo
Set and Lighting Design by: Niluka Hotaling
Assistant Director: Jake Blagburn
Dramaturgy: Mischa Ipp
Authorised Company Representative: Roselby Sosa
Music by: Eric Cormier