All The Times I Did Not See Potsdam at Dixon Place

My most recent play- All The Times I Did Not See Potsdam received its first reading at Dixon Place on November 30th 2018.

Thank you for having us again- Dixon Place is such a gem in the downtown theatre landscape.

Directed by Mischa Ipp

Produced by Little y


Marisela Gradeja Gonzalez ( Catalina)

Julia Cavagna ( Belen)

Ciara Rose Griffin ( Rose)

Heloise Wilson ( Lou)

Original music by Dan Ruffolo

Four strangers sit in the cafeteria of a German Palace filled with tourists while outside a solar eclipse is approaching. They begin a conversation that will unravel what brought them to this particular place. Part installation, part theatre, All the times I did not see Potsdam is a non-linear piece in five different languages exploring the missed opportunities in our lives and the emotional maps we build for ourselves.