It’s a wrap on Weezy Goes Outside- our new TV pilot ! Been working on this project for the past two years and happy to dive into post production.

Weezy Goes Outside, is a ‘‘ stress comedy’’ following Weezy, an anxious girl, through the streets of Brooklyn at night, as she decides to travel to Coney island to release her recently dead goldfish to the ocean.

Produced by Little y and Edan Jacob Levy.

Starring Geoff LeeCathy Salvodon Edan Jacob LevyHeloise Wilson and Imran Sheikh, and featuring Brooke TurnerMichael DobsonOren Eades.

Director Dani Tenenbaum
Director of Photography Joel Crane
Assistant Director Mischa Ipp
Production Design Kimberly Matela
Art Direction Jazmin Ali
Set Dresser Casey Elisabeth
Scenic Painter Leigh Davis
1st AC Jason Chew
2nd AC Davis Alexander James
Camera Trainee Marine Gabrielle BF
Camera assistant Alex Mercado
Grips Ben DawsonAriel Hadar, Miguel Rivas
Gaffer Sofia Monzerratt
Sound Diego A. Julca
HMU Nicholette Talley and Rachel Sysak
Production assistant Kelsey Woodworth
Driver Prince Isaac
Set photography by Bruna Lacerda and Adriana Rossetto.
Shot on ARRI/ Alexa Mini.