La Folie

Written with the support the CRNS and L'Institut D'Histoire des Temps Modernes (France)
Produced by the Brooklyn College Theatre Department, directed by Laura Tesman. 

'' Somewhere between the wars of yesterday and the wars of tomorrow, Karim and Kader find themselves living in a slum outside a major metropolis. Promised stable employment, education and housing, they came, along with thousands of other men, to help rebuild a city ravaged by war. Kader dreams of a better life for his two daughters and his pregnant wife; Karim, of a regular apartment "with a kitchen, bathroom, windows and linoleum on the floor" for his newly arrived wife, daughter and son.  But dreams turn to nightmares as they find themselves stuck in the mud of a world the gods of administration and history do not fully recognize. In La Folie, Wilson paints a searing portrait of lives lived on the edge, and shades a vital, lyric and very human allegory for all people and populations in transition.''


Apr 27 - May 2, 2018



Review by Stage Biz