Busy spring and summer.... + news on All The Times I Did Not See Potsdam

This spring was extremely busy, with working on various commercial campaigns, a table read of my new play American Standard at Roudabout Theatre Company, and preparing for the summer rehearsals…

I am very happy that my play All the Times I Did Not See Potsdam will receive its world premiere in NYC in Queens in September 2019, it will be directing by roundabout fellow Kathleen Capdesuner and with a dream cast and creative team… More to come !!

All The Times I Did Not See Potsdam at Dixon Place

My most recent play- All The Times I Did Not See Potsdam received its first reading at Dixon Place on November 30th 2018.

Thank you for having us again- Dixon Place is such a gem in the downtown theatre landscape.

Directed by Mischa Ipp

Produced by Little y


Marisela Gradeja Gonzalez ( Catalina)

Julia Cavagna ( Belen)

Ciara Rose Griffin ( Rose)

Heloise Wilson ( Lou)

Original music by Dan Ruffolo

Four strangers sit in the cafeteria of a German Palace filled with tourists while outside a solar eclipse is approaching. They begin a conversation that will unravel what brought them to this particular place. Part installation, part theatre, All the times I did not see Potsdam is a non-linear piece in five different languages exploring the missed opportunities in our lives and the emotional maps we build for ourselves.



It’s a wrap on Weezy Goes Outside- our new TV pilot ! Been working on this project for the past two years and happy to dive into post production.

Weezy Goes Outside, is a ‘‘ stress comedy’’ following Weezy, an anxious girl, through the streets of Brooklyn at night, as she decides to travel to Coney island to release her recently dead goldfish to the ocean.

Produced by Little y and Edan Jacob Levy.

Starring Geoff LeeCathy Salvodon Edan Jacob LevyHeloise Wilson and Imran Sheikh, and featuring Brooke TurnerMichael DobsonOren Eades.

Director Dani Tenenbaum
Director of Photography Joel Crane
Assistant Director Mischa Ipp
Production Design Kimberly Matela
Art Direction Jazmin Ali
Set Dresser Casey Elisabeth
Scenic Painter Leigh Davis
1st AC Jason Chew
2nd AC Davis Alexander James
Camera Trainee Marine Gabrielle BF
Camera assistant Alex Mercado
Grips Ben DawsonAriel Hadar, Miguel Rivas
Gaffer Sofia Monzerratt
Sound Diego A. Julca
HMU Nicholette Talley and Rachel Sysak
Production assistant Kelsey Woodworth
Driver Prince Isaac
Set photography by Bruna Lacerda and Adriana Rossetto.
Shot on ARRI/ Alexa Mini.


L'Oréal Upstanders, international campaign against sexual harassment.

I participated in the new L'Oréal campaign to shed a light on sexual harassment with other ladies from all over the world and celebrities such as Helen Mirren.  Our crew was 100 percent female and it was truly refreshing and amazing to work with commercial director Sonia Malfa.

With a number as alarming and high as 71 percent of women being sexually harassed, we still have a long way to come. Please to see bigger corporations taking a stand. 


The campaign is produced by Mccann and GOODCOMPANY.


Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 17.18.53.png

Teaching in Paris!

Really contente to be coming back to teach this summer in Paris, a brand new writing workshop for screenwriters and playwrights with Little y.

All the infos are hereeeee!

LittleY_FranceFBbanner (1).jpg

La Folie

Written with the support the CRNS and L'Institut D'Histoire des Temps Modernes (France)
Produced by the Brooklyn College Theatre Department, directed by Laura Tesman. 

'' Somewhere between the wars of yesterday and the wars of tomorrow, Karim and Kader find themselves living in a slum outside a major metropolis. Promised stable employment, education and housing, they came, along with thousands of other men, to help rebuild a city ravaged by war. Kader dreams of a better life for his two daughters and his pregnant wife; Karim, of a regular apartment "with a kitchen, bathroom, windows and linoleum on the floor" for his newly arrived wife, daughter and son.  But dreams turn to nightmares as they find themselves stuck in the mud of a world the gods of administration and history do not fully recognize. In La Folie, Wilson paints a searing portrait of lives lived on the edge, and shades a vital, lyric and very human allegory for all people and populations in transition.''


Apr 27 - May 2, 2018



Review by Stage Biz


Greg, Pearl and The Girl from Craigslist (short film in post production)

Greg is done with his life, recently dumped and living in an mice infected apartment, he rents a cat from craiglist. Five minutes after their arrival, both the owner and the cat disappear into his kitchen cabinet.

Written and Directed  by: Heloise Wilson, shot and edited by Gregory Thompson

Starring: Dominik Einsenschmidt, Pablo Gonzalez, Madeline Herbert and Heloise Wilson, Charlotte Lily Gaspard

All the times I did not see Potsdam (full length play in development)

Written with the support of La Mousson d'Ete (France), and The Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary ( Shetland, Scotland, UK)

''depending on your preference your can reach Potdsam by land, water or air '' , a renaissance palace in Germany, a collage of lives and visual art experience, an American architect losing her sight, a astrophysicist on his way to a job interview and a European woman buying vintage door knobs at a Flea Market. All the Times I Did Not See Potsdam is part fiction, part autobiography and dives into the temporary assemblage that is the life of three characters all trying to reach the space physical place. 

Starring: Ciara Griffin, Ugo Chukwu and Heloise Wilson.