"Three teenagers took the 1PM train to Moscow to join the Futurists"
"Ladies-it is sad but true but we have to admit that the disco is dying and everyone is dying with it. Everyone has moved to Berlin, everyone has been killed by the hideous disease."

As part of the Bring A Weasel And A Pint Of Your Own Blood Festival curated by Mac Wellman and Erin Courtney at JACK.

"The time is some confluence of the early twentieth century, with both communism and Futurism on the rise, and early twenty-first century, in post-AIDS and post-disco landscape. Three disco queens are lamenting a world in which their musical drug of choice is considered passé." New York Theatre Review 


Starring: Eliza Bent, Charise Greene, Michael Patrick Kane, Ryan Pater, Julia Sirna-Frest, Merlin Whitehawk
Written by: Heloise Wilson
Directed by: Mia Rovegno
Scenic Design by: Joe Burkard
Props Design by: Katherine White
Lighting Design by: Jay Maury
Sound Design/Composer: Ezra Lowrey
Costume Design by: Isabelle Fields
Stage Manager by: Rebecca Guskin