" What was the most beautiful day of your life ? It was a night actually."

" If I see you again one day, please look at me, just look at me, and smile like you know that the music never really stopped ."

‘‘ How can you be so sweet when you come from the salt ?’’

Lola and Solene, two young French women are best friends since birth. Lola’s grandmother has just passed away, and the girls travel to Catalunia, Spain where Lola’s family is from to attend the funeral. It’s the 70’s and Franco is also dying. The day after the ceremony, they meet two local boys on a bus. As they plan on heading to the beach together they get caught in a violent student protest.


Written in Catalan, La Nit Bonica/ La Bonica Nit ( ‘‘ The Beautiful Night/ The Night Beautiful’’) asks the questions of what it means to be young, do and experiment things for the first time, in an environment that is socio-politically charged and electric.

This project is in development for 2020- to be filmed in Valencia, Spain.

Photos by Alex B Martin ( Cuba, Merci, Gracias)