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"You know, apparently you can get it from eating blueberries."
"There is this room, it's actually a bathroom, but you can put a bed in it, so it's basically a bedroom. So we were hoping we could rent it."

Heloise is freaking out. She needs to call that guy (Ben) to ask him a few (awkward) questions. He has disappeared of the face of the earth (Brooklyn). Aided by her eccentric gogo dancer best friend Drew (SJ Son), Heloise goes on an epic journey, and learns a thing or two on her way.

Starring: SJ Son, Heloise Wilson, Ben Dawson, David Noël, Elizabeth Shepherd, Jeremy Dirac, Vasile Flutur, Charlotte Lily Gaspard, Lucas Mendes, Ciara Griffin, Josh Makinda, Tiffany Stephens, Jacqueline Caruso
Written and Directed by: Heloise Wilson
Assistant Directed by: Alex Mercado
Director of Photography: Lucas Mendes
Makeup by: Ciara Griffin
Production Assistant: Jeremy Dirac, Tiffany Stephens, Siw Laurent
Music Supervision: Angela Sabetta
Edited by: Métushalème Dary
Special Thanks to: Kris Merc, Ben Dawson, Tim Delany, Siw Laurent, Mischa Ipp & Josh Makinda, Charlotte Lily Gaspard, Julia Ngeow, Narren Weiss