‘‘ Flybe. You’d think it’s Ryanair but no -­‐ Ryanair comes second. They charged me $3 for a glass of water. I’ve been trying to get to Berlin for a week, first New York to Paris, rerouted to Rome, stuck in Rome overnight, because of a weird random summer storm, then Rome to London and hopefully London to Berlin in the morning. So yeah, Flybe is definitely number one. ‘‘

‘‘ Perhaps this is why you go on a journey- hoping that someone good will find you, in the end’’

Four strangers sit in the cafeteria of a German Palace filled with tourists while outside a solar eclipse is approaching. They begin a conversation that will unravel what brought them to this particular place. Part installation, part theatre, All the times I did not see Potsdam is a non-linear piece in five different languages exploring the missed opportunities in our lives and the emotional maps we build for ourselves.

This piece received its first reading in November 2018 at Dixon Place. It was directed by Mischa Ipp and starred Marisela Grajeda-Gonzalez as Catalina, Julia Cavagna as Belen, Ciara Rose Griffin as Rose and Heloise Wilson as Lou, music by Dan Ruffolo.

The play was supported by La Mousson D’ete ( France), Hillswick Life Refuge ( Scotland), and the retreat in Montana by MT+ NY Collaborative.

It will receive a full production in the Fall, Winter of 2019 and Spring 2020.